Fiverr Made Me a Book Trailer


My science fiction book (Shoulder Fairy) has been published for three months now, and I decided to get a book trailer made for it.

I went to to browse the possibilities of getting a good video made for my book for a cheap price. OneĀ offer looked interesting: an “awesome” book trailer for $25. After I selected added features (90 seconds, voice-over) the total came to $140 (US dollars).

I was concerned about how good the video would be, assuming free science fiction images and visuals that fit my peculiar book might be hard to find. My book is illustrated (unusual for science fiction) so I uploaded my illustrations to her hoping they would help. She used them and several of her own images.

After a week or so I got the trailer back for an early inspection. I was astonished. For the price, I thought it was great. She did confuse the images of some main characters: Garth’s image was used in places where the words talked about Robert. She said she would correct that and add the voice over.

I am happy with the end result and put it on my meager YouTube channel. Take a look.