This is a page on the Tomek series universe.

You are a human. However this story takes place about twenty thousand years in the future. This is a short time on the evolutionary scale. Science today currently implies that modern humans with “modern” social behaviors are 50,000 years old already. So in the time of this story they are still recognizable as the same homo sapien race.

Humans have evolved subtly though, to become somewhat smarter and more varied than their ancient Earthling counterparts. Humans and other species that originate from Earth are called “Terrans” in this book, following a tradition from other science fiction. However, in the time of the Azten empire, the true birthplace of the human and Terran species are lost from scientific knowledge, though there are legends. Earth is not within the boundaries of the Azten empire.

Humans are the most dispersed and populous of the sentient races within the quarter of the galaxy that includes Azten. They have adapted their cultures, and to a small degree their genetic evolution, to thrive among the cultures of other races. Humans have branched out, with some breeds of humans having six fingers per hand, and others able to survive with less water, and others genetically more capable with math calculations. But so far they remain biologically one species, and can reproduce among the different breeds.


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