This is my third full novel and sequel to Baktu.

Tag Line

Despite the approach of dangerous invaders, the civil war on Azten rages on. A lawyer turned government agent works to destroy the powerful enemy—but quickly finds himself their target.


The fight for justice never ends—and as four-armed navino lawyer Claymore is about to learn, no one can be trusted to do what’s right. So, he decides to take on the organized criminals infiltrating his beloved government, even if he must do it alone.

After the abduction of his niece, Shaylor, Claymore begins investigating a shady organization known only as Prong Three. Following the trail of corruption and kidnapping, he discovers that his target is just one small arm of a major operation called Trident—and that taking it on means risking everything, including his own life and freedom.

Behind it all is the one known as Master, whose grand plans lead to a full-on civil war between Trident and the official government. Both sides are working under pressure. If they can’t find a compromise soon, their chances of defeating the much more powerful alien force preparing to invade are slim.

Claymore must figure out how to stop Trident, but the criminals’ top leadership is already tracking him. Together with government agents—and any allies he can find—Claymore must disrupt their advanced technology while evading capture.

If they find him, it will be too late.

Back Cover

In the midst of a civil war, Azten is vulnerable to attack.

With organized criminals growing in strength and the legislature unwilling to take a stand, navino lawyer Claymore must take the fight for justice into his own hands.

The crime syndicate Trident has been abducting innocents and turning them into supermonster slaves. As their power grows, Claymore and his human friend Ramos risk everything to stop them and uncover the truth. Even with the help of government agents, the cost will be high.

After special training, Claymore infiltrates the organization, but what he learns turns him into a target. The criminals have more resources than Claymore could have realized. When a personal betrayal puts him in even greater danger, he refuses to give up on his cause. The war has already claimed millions of lives—but with another powerful alien force getting ready to invade, time is running out.


Baktu is published in several editions.


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