Expecting to Publish This Month


My latest science fiction novel “Shoulder Fairy” will be submitted to publishdrive.com to be published simultaneously at various online stores at the end of this month. That means no one can buy it till a few days later, in January. I am just waiting on the cover to be finished and some last few appendix items.

This last little bit I am just waiting for contributors to finalize their pieces. I can insert the twelve internal illustrations tomorrow I suppose. I am eager to finally have it all put together and done.

I started this project as a short story for a contest. After I lost the contest with a thousand other contestants and became free from the word count limits, I developed it into a novel (a novella, unless you count the appendix stories and articles).

It is now, after many revisions and edits, about ready to face the world.

Below is the table of contents for the print version. It is missing two appendix items. The page numbers will change some because I still need to add the illustrations.


1. Landing on Planet Sonik 1

2. Garth’s Ultimatum 4

3. Human Settlement 9

4. Town of Frokving 13

5. Stagecoach Ride 17

6. Frāt-siŋ, the Capital City 22

7. Petitioning for Licenses 25

8. Agricultural School of Shopgas 30

9. Students at Shopgas 34

10. The School at Ardsas 38

11. Students at Ardsas 42

12. Students at Chita 47

13. Garth’s Confrontation at Chita 50

14. Students at Ansross 53

15.Wilderness Preparations at Ardsas 58

16. Entering the Wilderness of No Return 64

17.Wilderness Gnats and Bats 67

18.Wilderness Centipedes 72

19. Bandits and Wilderness Worms 77

20. Safety at the National Archives 82

21. Students at the National Archives 87

22. The Vault at the National Archives 90

23. A Stellar Account 98

24. Bandits at the National Archives 104

25. Bandit Ceremony in the Wilderness 107

26. Spaceships in the Wilderness 110

27. Garth’s Archeological Site in the Wilderness 115

28. Hover Jet Ride 121

29. Medical Checkup at Landing 125

30. Garth’s Office at Landing 130

31. Counseling at Frokving 133

32. Institute for Fairy Education 138

33. Bank at Frāt-siŋ 141

34. Jail at Frāt-siŋ 144

35. Extradited from Frāt-siŋ 148

36. Deported from Landing 152

37. Return to Earth 156

38. Stirling, Australia 159

Appendix: Garth Knight 162

Appendix: Crystal-san 169

Appendix: Copper-san 177

Appendix: Science Report: Space Travel 184

Appendix: Science Report: Fairy Biology 197

Acknowledgments 207

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