This is a page on the Tomek series universe.

The Nation

There is one species of people originating on the planet Baktu. These people are generally confined to the planet Baktu during the story of this series. The planet has been quarantined by the greater Azten Empire of Federated Worlds, of which Baktu is alleged to be a member. The exact status of Baktu’s sovereignty is in dispute. The quarantine does prohibit all travel of people to or from Baktu. Some illegal interplanetary travel does happen on rare occasion. Meanwhile, on the surface of the planet, Baktu governs its own self without any overt interference. Their technology level is comparable to the 1950’s on Earth.

The People

The people indigenous to Baktu are humanoid. To a degree the skin works through photosynthesis.

They have green hair where individual hairs are thicker than human hair and have buds or bulges where new hairs have branched out. Theirs eyes are similar to ours and the iris color among individuals ranges from brown to amber with flecks of apparent silver, copper or gold. Their ears are bulges on each side of their head, with no orifice. When they weep, tears come from their nose. They have teeth and a tongue.

Both genders typically wear shirts and long shorts, or a knee-length tunic. Gowns are worn by some, such as clerics and government officials, on formal occasions. They don’t typically wear shoes and never socks. They do wear underpants.

The genitals and reproductive system is similar to humans. They do not have nipples. The females to have bosoms that, with clothes on, would be mistaken for human-like breasts. These produce milk that is ducted to the female’s mouth such that a mother can feed young infants via a mouth-to-mouth method.

Bakti are similar in height and weight to humans, but their hands and feet are proportionately bigger.

Bakti can communicate with each other telepathically. They can keep secrets and only share the thoughts they wish to share. There is an exception with kazimons.


Normal Male



Normal Female



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