This is a page on the Tomek series universe.

The zimvi race originated on the planet Zimvia, a planet within theĀ Azten empire.

They are humanoid, with the same general silhouette shape as a human. Their biological features are similar to Terran mammals. The fronts of their bodies, including palms of the hands and bottoms of their feet, are hairless brown skin. The remainder of their skin has a short thick fur, usually a shade of orange. The tops of their heads have somewhat longer fur. Zimvis are comparable to humans in height, weight, and strength.

Females have six breasts. There are three on each side of the chest, each above or below the others. Each breast is small by human standards.

The nucleus of zimvi cells (and the genetic material) is controlled in FANA (fluoro-arabinose nucleic acid), not DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

Zimvi have acute vision. They also have a wider visual spectrum that includes some parts of the infrared and ultraviolet ranges.

The zimvi race is mostly confined to the Azten empire with an estimated half of them living on the one planet: Zimvia.


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