Book Trailer Video

I had a book trailer made, just for fun. It focuses on Negative Zero and Baktu but also mentions Claymore near the end.

My French translator Christophe, who is currently working on the book Claymore, had a friend who made a trailer for his (Christophe’s) book. Christophe was excited about it and persuaded me to hire his friend (Alexandre) to make a trailer for my books. I chose the lower end of the price scale, but am happy with the result. He also gave me a French version.

My latest book (still in the Tomek Universe) is taking forever to write, and still has a long way to go. I am hiring a ghostwriter (gasp) to write a draft of a chapter I am having difficulty with. Assuming her idea for the chapter makes it into the final book, I will give her credit in the acknowledgments section of the book, to be transparent and honest. I will be very interested to see her work.

As before, I plan to invite outside amateur writers (like myself) to write a short story each for the appendix of the book. They each will be instructed to select a minor character and invent a backstory for them or write an incident involving them. It’s too early for that yet. I am still trying to stabilize the plot and its current characters. I’m telling you now so you can start thinking about writing an appendix story for me.