Tomek Universe

This page will eventually be an overview of the Tomek universe. For now, it is a collection of links to more specific pages.


To qualify for citizenship within the Azten Empire, the individual immigrant must be of a qualifying race, and fulfill other requirements involving background checks, residency, allegiance and basic education.

For a race to qualify, it must fulfill as a group certain minimum requirements involving sentiency, sapience, self-discipline, and the ability to coexist with present Azten races and laws. Also, treaties Azten has with other empires ban a few races.

The Azten empire is home to citizens of about twenty different races. However, there are significant populations of only about seven of them. Seven of these races are mentioned specifically in the novels and reported on this web site.

Here race refers to different species, not different skin colors. By the definition of the word ‘species’, parents who belong to different races cannot produce biological descendants that share both parent’s genetics. Nevertheless, there is little legal obstacle to adopting the children of other races in Azten or using genetic material from donors.

Pages of specific races are listed below:

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