My Review of Phantasia

I read a novel called “Phantasia” by R. Atlas (who I have never heard of) as an free advance reader copy from, and then bought it from Amazon. I gave it four stars with an Amazon review.

This was a fun read. I enjoyed the author’s imagination. The book kept me interested to the end. The story takes you through various environments: the academy when Red and his friends are training to be warriors against the dreaded Xenosites, the test battle in the desert gone out of control, the bizarre and exotic caves, the glacial swamps, and the royal palace, all with wondrous and often dangerous creatures. The mysteries and suspense pile up. I liked it and thought it a worthwhile read.

The book was was sprinkled with a few wrong words spelled similar to the words he should of used. I think some professional editing would of helped it. Also, the end is just a cliff hanger, with no resolution. I think each book in a series should have a conclusion, where some subplot is resolved with a satisfactory end, even if the overall series plot continues to build up.

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